5 jumps to take your Minecraft parkour to the next level

Sun Jan 29. 2023

5 jumps to take your Minecraft parkour to the next level

Minecraft parkour is a popular activity in the game. It involves jumping from block to block in a skilled manner, often in competition for the fastest time on Minecraft parkour servers.

Some jumps in Minecraft parkour are more difficult than others. Some jumps are intimidating at first but can prove to be very rewarding for avid Minecraft parkour artists

5) Four-block jump

The four-block jump, which is a common obstacle in Minecraft parkour courses, can be a major problem for even the most skilled Minecraft parkour artists.

The best way to land a four-block jump is by using momentum. When attempting to jump four blocks, players will need to be in sprint mode.

4) Neo Jump

The neo jumping is another famous jump in Minecraft parkour. It has been popularized by certain Minecraft parksour servers.

To complete most neo jumps, you simply need to sneak up to the side of a pillar and jump, before crouching to make sure the edge doesn't slip off.

3) Head Hitters

Even though they are not as dangerous as the Neo jump head hitters can still be a danger, especially for those who are less skilled at Minecraft parkour.

Head hitter jumps can be overcome by simply using the sprint key without jumping. Even though results can be inconsistent, players will find it easy to conquer head hitter jumps once they have learned this delicate technique.

2) Fence parkour

Parkour with fence-blocks is a common sight in many parksour courses. Certain jumps can be dangerous if not practiced before.

Fence parkour generally requires more crouching because the object you are trying to reach is smaller. However, this is not always true. Fence parkour covers many jumps such as fence neos and flower pot jumps.

1) Squeeze Jump

The squeeze jump is last but not least. This tricky jump has been a problem for Minecrafters ever since the creation of parkour courses.

Squeeze jumps require players to squeeze through small gaps. Although these jumps are easy enough to master with practice, course designers can make them extremely difficult or nearly impossible to land consistently.

Squeeze jumps can be overcome by practicing. This type of jump is difficult to master and requires precision.