5 tips on using fire in Minecraft

Sun Jan 22. 2023

5 tips on using fire in Minecraft

Fire is one the most fundamental elements of Minecraft. It can be either constructive or destructive depending on how players use it.

Fire in Minecraft is a dangerous activity. If players aren't familiar with the mechanics of Minecraft, they are more likely to set themselves on fire.

Players can harness the power of fire once they have a good understanding of it. While some of these techniques are more effective than others, they all can be of assistance to the player in one way or another.

5) Disposal

A Minecraft player can throw away unwanted items and wait for them despawn. They can also drop them in a fire to instantly destroy them.

Some items are immune to this effect. The exceptions include gear made from Netherite or ancient debris blocks. Their strength can withstand the flames in the Nether. You can dispose of almost any item by throwing it in a fire.

4) Decorative Fireplaces

A fireplace is a decorative tool that can be used in many places. It works somewhat like a fire-based garbage disposal, but without the garbage. Fireplaces can be used to accent a player's library or enchanting room or the entrance to a Nether portal.

Many different designs have been created by Minecraft players for fireplaces. They require very little materials and can be made as simple or complex as the player desires.

3. Cooking

Food was initially cooked in blocks like furnaces or smokers in Minecraft. However, campfire and soulfire block have opened new possibilities.

The player can place food items onto a campfire, soulfire, or fire pit to cook. Although players can still use the other blocks to cook food, cooking on a campfire gives them a certain portability. You don't need to use any fuel, such as wood or coal, to cook. It has a lower cost advantage than furnaces, if materials are considered.

Players can also set certain mobs, such as cows or pigs, on fire to instantly get cooked food as a drop.

2) Combat

Most hostile mobs within Minecraft are not fond of sunlight or fire. Players can instantly set fire to enemy targets with enchantments such as Fire Aspect, which speeds up their death.

This can be used to your advantage when fighting, especially in higher difficulty areas where undead mobs are difficult to defeat. The mobs can be destroyed or drawn into the sun by players to defeat them.

However, it is important to remember that not all mobs in The Nether are immune from fire so swinging a Fire Aspect blade at a Wither skull won't produce desired results.

1) Clearing Land

Environment-conscious Minecraft players may not like it, but taking a flint & steel to a forest is an excellent way to clear land for future building projects.

It takes a lot to chop down trees with punches and an axe. Clearing large forests can also be difficult even with enchanted tools. It doesn't hurt setting the forest ablaze in this instance.

Fire spreads quickly, and can take out large areas of forest in just a few minutes. This is a time-saving technique that saves a lot of time. However be careful as there are plenty of Minecraft servers that lost weeks of progress because of careless uses of fire.