Best Multiplayer mods for Minecraft

Sun Jan 8. 2023

Best Multiplayer mods for Minecraft

Minecraft can be fun alone but it's even more enjoyable and less scary when played with friends. It is easier to collect resources and build structures when there are more people around.

Modded Minecraft is a great game to play with your friends. Modded Minecraft adds an abundance of new features to an already richly-featured game. Below are five top Minecraft mods that you can play with your friends.

Enjoy the top 5 Minecraft mods with your friends

5) Xaero's Minimap

This mod adds a minimap. Vanilla Minecraft doesn't have the ability to locate other players or mark waypoints. The mod allows the player to do exactly that. The mod allows players to identify one another on their minimaps, and places waypoints to important locations like bases or villages. It also displays the coordinates of the player below the minimap.

4) Sit

This mod adds two blocks to Minecraft. This mod allows players to place blocks and slabs on their Minecraft boards. This little feature is very useful and does not require any modifications to the game's major components. It also preserves the original vanilla feel of the game. You can also use stairs and slabs to sit around a campfire at nights.

3) Biomes O' Plenty

This mod adds many new biomes to Minecraft. This mod allows players to create over 80 biomes in their world. This mod is great for exploring with others and can lead to exciting adventures. It also retains the vanilla feel of vanilla Minecraft.

2) Towers of the Wild

This mod creates an interesting structure within Minecraft worlds. You can find tall towers at various locations on the map. These towers are popular because they were featured in “The Legend of Zelda”. These structures can be climbed by players and explored with friends.

1) Paragliders

Paragliding is now available in this mod. You can jump from high structures and fly with gliders. A stamina system is included with the mechanic. If players run out of stamina, they can crash. This mod can be used with the Towers of the Wild mod to create great adventures with your friends.

Mods can be fun with your friends. Mods can bring many amusing and bizarre features to Minecraft. This is why it's so much fun to share mods with your friends.