Best pets to tame in Minecraft

Wed Jan 4. 2023

Best pets to tame in Minecraft

The Minecraft world can be very lonely and large for players. There is not much in the way of friendly faces, aside from the occasional villager or trader. There is an in-game way for players to find an ally or adventuring partner: Taming.

Taming refers to when a player gives one or more of these mobs a specific item to tame them. They stop them despawning and will often help the player fight or use another boon.

Three mobs can't be controlled, but they can be trained to trust the player. This mimics the majority of the effects of taming. These mobs can be:

There are so many pets that you can find in Minecraft. It is worth taking the time to learn which ones you like.

These Minecraft mobs can be controlled in 2022


Parrots can be found in jungles and bamboo jungles or, in Bedrock Editions, in sparse jungles. They cannot spawn on grass blocks, log blocks, or leaf blocks.

Players can use: to control parrots

Each use of these seeds gives you a 10% chance to successfully control the parrot.

After being tamed, parrots can be manipulated to move around and allow them to stand or sit down. Parrots can also teleport to their owners if they are separated from one another, just like other tamed mobs.

The parrot will walk through the parrot to allow a tamed parrot to sit on a player's shoulder. If they are not made to sit, tamed parrots can fly up to perch on the shoulders of their players. While balancing on their shoulders, parrots will face the same direction that the player. While on the shoulder, parrots can't take any damage.

Parrots are known for their mimicry, which is the main attraction. Parrots can mimic certain neutral mobs or nearby hostile mobs' idle sounds. Their detection range is 20 blocks. They sound the same as the mob but at a higher pitch. They'll also look in the direction they imitate, which makes them portable enemy radars.

It can also be broken down by parrots near a jukebox that has a music CD inside. It doesn't appear to have any way of registering if the disc plays, so simply being in the jukebox suffices. It doesn't offer any gameplay benefits but it looks adorable.

4) Cats

Only villages and swamp huts are where cats spawn. You can tame them with raw cod and raw salmon. After that, they will follow you. You can make them sit by interfacing with them.

Cats will move towards their owners to get into bed while they sleep. There is a 70% chance that the cat will bring a gift to the owner in the morning. However, this only happens if the cat has slept through the night. Thunderstorms do not count. These are the gift options:

Cats are not immune to falling damage, but they will avoid cliffs. Creepers and phantoms can avoid cats while they pursue a player, but creepers or phantoms cannot. The mob will be forced to keep between six and sixteen blocks from the player.

3) Foxes

Foxes can be found in the taiga and old-growth taiga as well as in the snowy taiga and grove biomes. They spawn in groups of between two and four. It is impossible to breed foxes naturally that will trust players. To have a fox who trusts players, players must find two wild foxes, and then breed them with sweet berries or glowberries. This creates a kit that is trustworthy to the player.

Foxes that trust players will attack hostile mobs that attack them. However, they will not attack them if they attack the mob first. This is different than tamedwolves which attack mobs after the player strikes them.

Foxes can still flee from wolves or polar bears even if they are near a trusted player.

2) Axolotl

Axolotls are the newest tamable mob on Minecraft. They spawn in lush cave biomes underwater. They can only aid players in underwater combat and are the most skilled tamable mob. This specialization is crucial to their ranking. They are the only mob capable of doing what they do.

Once an axeolotl has been caught in a bucket of water, they are believed to be trustworthy. They can attack other aquatic mobs than turtles and dolphins. They grant regeneration I for five second per axolotl during a fight lasting up to two minutes. The mining fatigue debuff, if any, is removed from players who kill mobs in combat with an Axolotl.

They are a great tool for defeating ocean monuments as they allow players to regain their ability to mine and increase regeneration. You can also use them to play dead if you are unable to heal your health.

You can breed them using tropical fish buckets. They can also be renamed with anvils.

1) Wolves

Wolves are the oldest tamable mob of Minecraft. They can be found in many biomes.

They spawn in these biomes as a pack of four.

You can either use bones to tame wolves or you can breed them using any kind of meat, provided they are fully healthy. Every bone has about 1/3 chance of taming a wolf. They are able to wear a collar once they have been tamed. Their health is indicated by their tail. The longer the tail, the better. When wolves are sick, they can be rehabilitated by eating meat.

The player can attack any mob with a tamed wolf. Although they will leap at the mob in the exact same way as a spider, they do not inflict any damage while in the air.