Minecraft best village seeds

Sat Nov 19. 2022

Minecraft best village seeds

Players can find villages in Minecraft by finding them throughout the game. These villages often include farms, villagers and loot chests.

Villages can be a great place to collect resources. This is especially true for the early games. Minecraft gamers might have trouble finding villages, even though they are very helpful. They can make it easier by using seeds.

The seeds are the key to how a world is created. Users can use them to create worlds that have villages near their spawn.

5) Jungle temple village (29213903446127296)

The Java Edition seed opens players up to a village that overlaps with a jungle biome. The jungle temple is right next to it.

A village building can be found inside the jungle temple. The jungle temple has chests that can be accessed by users.

4) Island village (3227028068011494221)

This seed is great for Bedrock Edition gamers looking to get an easier start.

They will begin on the ocean's shores. Just a few steps away is a village. Minecraft players can find the resources they require before embarking on their in-game adventures.

3) Swamp village (7422466156199365)

The Java Edition seed contains a village that is located in the middle of a swamp biome. Access to the village is located at (-192;, 272). Users will need to travel some distance to reach it.

It's worth it, as the seed allows Minecraft gamers to view some naturally-generated swamp villagers.

2) Village and mansion in the woods (28394549419529641)

This seed is ideal for Minecraft players who are looking for more adventures. They will spawn south from a plains biome community located at the coordinates (488., 1832).

A woodland mansion is also available for those who visit this area.

1) Crossroads village (uzavcle)

This seed allows Minecraft gamers to start just a short distance from a desert village. They will discover that the surrounding areas are many different biomes, even though it is a desert village.

This is a great seed for Bedrock Edition players who are looking for a beautiful place to settle. The coordinates of the desert village are (200, 120).

You can also find a savanna community not far from spawn at (-230;, 325).