Simplest ways to farm XP in MInecraft

Mon Oct 31. 2022

Simplest ways to farm XP in MInecraft

Minecraft is dependent on experience for its ability to create enchantments and repair items. It's also the fuel to make Mending enchantments.

It is important to have a good amount of experience, especially for players in the middle-to-late game who want to defeat enemies like the ender dragon and the wither.

Even if it's not in the immediate plans of their players, having additional XP to repair your property is a great tactic. There are many ways to get XP in Minecraft Java Edition 1.18. However, creating a farm is the best way to quickly accumulate a large amount.

5) Mob Tower

For years, mob drop towers were a staple of XP farm constructions. The same is true in 2022. These farms have a tower that is usually dark inside and filled with water.

The tower has raised platforms that mobs can spawn from, and then they fall into the water. They slowly rise to the tower's centre and then fall a long distance. They can be easily defeated once they reach the tower's bottom. Players will then be able to collect their experience as well as drop valuable items.

4) Mob Spawner Farms

Players can place a mob-spawner at a specific location to gain experience and other items. This tactic is only effective if the mobspawner block isn't destroyed.

Technically, this method requires cheats to be enabled. Players must enter a command in order to give themselves a mob spawner bloc of their choice (different blocks spawn different types).

Many mob spawner farms in Minecraft have some sort of running water beneath the spawner blocks. This moves the mobs to an area where they can then be corralled and taken out by players at their convenience.

3) Zombified Piglin Farm

The zombified piglin is a Nether-centric XP farm that doesn't need many materials. It's also a great way for you to snag items such as ingots and nuggets.

You will need to dig a large hole in the nether wastes biome, and then use a method (usually attacking piglins) that draws them into the hole. The player can then go down to the area where the piglins are located, much like a mob tower and kill them instantly.

2) Furnace/Smoker Farm

The furnace and smoker farms have a simple design and a low cost of resources in Minecraft. They are easy to use and produce great experience, as long as they get the right fuel and items.

For furnace/smoker farm operations, players typically use cod fish. However, other foods work just as well. It is very simple. Players place items that they wish to cook into chests at top. These chests funnel down into furnaces/smokers via the hoppers. Once the items have been cooked, they are placed via hopper in additional chests.

These items are what give you XP. Although it won't come in large quantities, it will be available at regular intervals over time. As long as there are enough fuel and items to cook, this will work.

1) Kelp Farms

Kelp farms can be set up in Minecraft just like a furnace or smoker farm. They also use their own fuel as a source of energy. You simply need to obtain kelp from an ocean biome and place it in the furnace. Then wait for the XP to emerge from drying thekelp.

After the kelp has been dried successfully, players can place it in the furnace to be used as a fuel source. They must then dry the kelp with normal kelp. Because of the farm's cyclical nature, the entire process can be automated. The XP returns are outstanding for the extremely short time it takes to build them.